0.03-0.15 mm Film Semi Automatic Packing Machine For Beverage / Pure Compound

0.03-0.15 mm Film Semi Automatic Packing Machine For Beverage / Pure Compound



DS-A400-II Semi-automatic Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine

0.03-0.15 mm Film Semi Automatic Packing Machine For Beverage / Pure Compound



1. DS-A400-II Semi-automatic heat shrink packaging machine is widely used in beverage, food, medicine

and chemical etc. packaging industry.


2. It can adapt to add tray or no-tray and carton. The packaging can be perfect whether square, round

and flat with very good visual effects and low-cost packaging.


3. The machine adopts novel optimum design, automatic controlled electrical and accurate positioning

. When replace the bottle and packaging specification is very flexible adjustment.


4. The hot wind circulation structure is adjustable, and applies to all kinds of heat shrink film (including

color printing). Film replacement is very quick and easy, high-quality electrical components ensure reliable

operation. Then guarantee the quality’s constant, smooth and reliable and long time continuous





5. The complete machine all adopts high-quality carbon steel and partial stainless steel for precision

manufacturing; compact and reasonable structure; durable in use; energy-saving results are obvious. It’s

the beverage filling line and other support equipment’s first choice.


2. Specification:


Name: Semi-automatic heat shrink packaging machine
Model: DS-A400-II
The thickness of shrink film: 0.03—0.15mm (Can be designed as your special requirements)
The film’s max width: ≤600mm
Shrinking bake temperature: 130-260℃
Shrinking time: 0-8s
Heat sealing and cutting temperature: 130-180℃
The max packing speed: 600packs/h (According bottle-type)
Power supply: 380V/220V 50Hz three-phase five-line
Power: About 26kW
Working air pressure: 0.8MPa
Air consumption: 0.2m3/min
Conveyor level height, the position of enter material and dimension: Design as the customer’s request
Channel conveyor belt width: 540mm
Packaging type: Film with tray or no-tray and carton
Shrink film: PE, PP, POF, PV etc.
Suitable bottle-type: Glass bottle, pop can, PET bottle and other material which 200 ℃ temperature-resistant
Machine dimension: L5870×W1200×H1700mm
Weight: About 1100kg



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